Lebanese Sweets


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Znoud El Sett

Combining textures, amazing flavours, and a syrup that brings them all together! This is not just any Lebanese sweet, this is made by the truly talented team at SweetLand. The crunchy outside and luscious inside will excite your tastebuds and get you addicted!


Everyone has tried baklava, but not everyone has tried it at SweetLand. Sold individually and in customised plates, enjoy the amazing selection all on your own or with a group. The perfect gift and an amazing crowd pleaser!


Satisfy your sweet tooth with this perfect Lebanese sweet. With the balance of savoury and sweetness, indulge in the flavours of premium pistachio and a delicious surrounding.

Basma With Pistachios

Fulfil your sweet cravings with this dessert, with a smooth outside and a perfect inside – it really is scrumptious!


Similar to baklava, Boaj has a smooth and sweet crunchy outside with a nutty texture in the middle – perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

Bird Nest Pistachio

Just like its name, this beautiful sweet “bird nest” surprises you with a delectable pistachio inside added with a sweet crunch!

Taj el Malak

“Taj el Malek” translated into English simply means the crown of a King. Be sure to feel like royalty while eating this delicious sweet that’ll having you coming back for more!


For the ones who love pistachios! Enjoy this delicious dessert, covered and filled with pistachio’s only! Perfectly plain, but amazingly appetising.

sweet cheese

Sweet Cheese

Famously known as “Halawet el Jebne”. Cheese party with thickened milk (ashta).