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Our services are the best in town, we provide great quality baked products

[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”737″ image_alingment=”top” title=”Lebanese Sweets” description=”With over 25 years of experience, we brought the authentic traditional taste of the best Lebanese Sweets. ” add_link=”” class=””]
[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”729″ image_alingment=”top” title=”Cakes” description=”Whether you have a birthday, getting engaged or married, SweetLand have an exquisite variety of cakes for all occasions. ” add_link=”” class=””]
[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”731″ image_alingment=”top” title=”Coffee” description=”From cappuccinos to iced coffees, Sweetland brings to you the delicious combination of coffee and other flavours for you to enjoy. While brewing it, you will smell the enticing aroma of Sweetland’s authentic coffee and leave you wanting more! Savour the smell. Indulge your taste buds!” add_link=”” class=””]
[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”739″ image_alingment=”top” title=”Ice Cream” description=”With the scrumptious variety of flavours, this ice-cream will have you addicted! (in a good way of course). With its smooth texture and rich flavour it excites all senses! The merging of cold, creamy and delicious flavour is perfect on a hot summer’s day!” add_link=”” class=””]

Sydney’s best Cakes

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